Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are on a mission to create and promote positive environmental impact. If you’re interested in helping the planet, the first step is to become more conscious of what you are buying and consuming. The Herbana company encompasses modern living with less impact, so you can rest assured that our products not only pass our toxin-free vetting criteria to align with our ‘healthy beauty’ motto, but they are also assessed for their environmental impact and sustainability.

Our Postage - 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery

carbon-badge We have partnered with Sendle who are Australia's first and only 100% carbon neutral delivery service (and they are also an B Corporation!) Carbon dioxide is a harmful contributor to climate change and Sendle cancel out any emission from your online parcel purchase at Herbana through a process called ‘offsetting’. Offsetting involves supporting projects that reduce emissions like regenerating precious forest and natural ecosystems, replacing old equipment with more efficient technology or even training communities in bee keeping. We want all your parcels to have a net carbon footprint of zero. Actually

Our Packaging - 100% Plastic Free & Waste Free

From day number one we were determined to send out our boxes totally naked - 100% free of plastic and using paper tape only to our loyal customers. Our boxes are made from recycled waste paper. You may receive packing peanuts in your order which we receive from our suppliers and we choose to keep these moving around the planet. These peanuts are made from corn-starch and are biodegradable and dissolve in water.

Our Products

We frequently dig deep into how products are made and if there are any grey areas we simply won't stock them. We do this in many ways:

  • By stocking products that are biodegradable in formulation and won’t negatively affect eco systems when washed down the drain
  • By sourcing brands that use eco-friendly bottles and packaging in the form of; glass, compostable packaging, bioplastics (made from natural materials such as corn-starch), mushroom and seaweed packaging, biodegradable packaging, 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging and eco friendly plastics

While we do strive to be as sustainable and eco friendly as possible in all areas of our business, and while a percentage of the products sourced use sustainable packaging, we also sell products in plastic packaging. What we want to offer our customers is the very best in natural and organic personal care. What we can promise is that we are always looking for improved technology and innovation with our brand partners. We believe in educating the consumer (which is both you and I) as this is the best way to bring about change in both the beauty industry and the world!

Can we do better?

We hope you enjoy our conscious packaging in your orders. We have done everything possible to promote sustainability and ethical sourcing. However, we know we can always do better. Do you have any suggestions to help us improve? Please, contact us!