Luk Beautifood

The Brand

For the natural lipstick connoisseur, Luk Beautifood offers something special and luxurious. A nourishing hybrid between lipstick and lip gloss, you can find a selection of sheer colours in 12 delectable shades.

The Philosophy

Luk Beautifood takes natural to a whole new level. Why eat healthy and organic food only to absorb toxic chemicals through your everyday beauty products? That is the central founding principle of this organic lipstick brand’s philosophy – if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.

The Ingredients

Transparency in beauty labelling is their biggest promise to their customers. Luk Beautifood products contain a “potent mix of active foods” such as nuts, seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables. Each lipstick gives your lips a boost of anti- antioxidants and inflammatory properties for glowing health and wellbeing. Their rich yet subtle pigments are derived from non-chemical sources such as carmine and iron oxides. All the products are 100% natural, GMO-free, synthetic and toxin-free and are full of active nutrients.

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Luk Lip Nourish Tasting Plates

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Luk Lip Nourish - Cherry Plum

Bold Deep Plum Shade

Luk Lip Nourish - Cranberry Citrus

Sheer Warm Red  

Luk Lip Nourish - Tangering Pomegranate

Warm Crushed Pomegranate

Luk Lip Nourish - Ruby Grapefruit

Pretty Peachy Pink Shade

Luk Lip Nourish - Pink Juniper

Cool Pink Undertone

Luk Lip Nourish - Peach Melon

Soft Coral Tone

Luk Lip Nourish - Vanilla Chocolate

Perfect for Darker Complexions

Luk Lip Nourish - Mandarin Spice

Spicy Brownish Red

Luk Lip Nourish - Rose Lime

Classic Rose Hue

Luk Lip Nourish - Chai Shimmer

Creamy Sheer Shimmer Lipstick

Luk Lip Nourish - Tea Rose

Rosy Pink Coverage

Luk Lip Nourish - Nude Cinnamon & Vanilla

Uses Spiced Oils