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Introducting to you the ultimate edit of our meticulously researched, tried and tested clean beauty brands. It is our mission to do all the ingredient checking for you so that you can shop ‘healthy beauty’ with confidence. All our brands pass our strict ingredient policy known as The Herbana Standard. This means we consider everything from their eco and organic certifications, ingredient hazard ratings, ingredient sourcing, their ethics and fair trade agreements to their sustainability and end of product life assesment.

  • Lavera Founded in 1987, Lavera has been a trusted source and international market leader in natural skincare and cosmetics for over 30 years. Manufactured in ...READ MORE
  • Luk Beautifood For the natural lipstick connoisseur, Luk Beautifood offers something special and luxurious. A nourishing hybrid between lipstick and lip gloss, you can find a...READ MORE
  • Weleda The Weleda brand is steeped in rich history of innovation and making the connection between health and the body’s natural rhythms. Founded in 1921 as a ...READ MORE
  • Noosa Basics Noosa Basics is a small boutique beauty company that offers natural alternatives to chemical deodorants and antiperspirants, as well as a number of...READ MORE
  • Grants of Australia Grant’s of Australia is a small family business that’s dedicated to making healthy toothpaste, mouthwash and other personal care items for you and your family....READ MORE
  • Hurraw! Hurraw! has been making ‘good-for-you’ gourmet lip balms since 2010. The company proudly participates in the NOP, (National Organic Program which regulates ....READ MORE
  • Dr. Bronner’s Yes there really was a Dr. Bronner. The company was founded in 1948 by Emil Bronner, a Jewish activist and soap maker who escaped Nazi Germany just in time ....READ MORE
  • Acure Acure is a popular skin and hair wellness company that strives to empower others by promoting clean beauty. The brand’s extensive selection of “USDA-Certified  ....READ MORE
  • DrTung’s It all started back in 1997 with the humble tongue cleaner, long before tongue-cleaning was a thing and people realized it was an integral part of impeccable oral hygiene ....READ MORE 
  • Jonny Jonny is a vegan brand of condoms that uses real, actual latex (from the rubber tree – hence why condoms are called “rubbers”). Their mission is to make vegan sex ....READ MORE
  • Niulife No company or product gives you the feels more than Nuilife. That’s because this 100% not-for-profit social enterprise was founded to fight poverty by helping ....READ MORE
  • Shampoo With A Purpose The company was founded by a charming mother-daughter team. After being told it was impossible to create shampoo bars using the same process as regular soap ....READ MORE
  • Wotnot Two mums discovered that listening to their customers’ needs paid off big time. It all started with one product, a biodegradable nappy, which quickly turned into a ....READ MORE
  • Organyc  Eating organic is a smart choice. So is using organic pads and tampons. There's a lot you do to keep healthy and making sure you're using organic cotton in your most  .... READ MORE
  • Ethique Ethique is on a global mission to become the world’s most sustainable cosmetics company. To date they have prevented over 8 million plastic bottles being  .... READ MORE
  • No Pong Many people are skeptical when they hear the word “natural deodorant.” No Pong is different because it really works and it’s 100% natural too. How does it work? ....READ MORE