Beauty you can trust

Outer beauty is a pure reflection of your inner health. I have been obsessivley curating the best of green beauty products so that you can feel safe and confident in your choices. Whether you want to switch to natural and organic, find a skincare regime that works for you or buy low waste products, we’re here to help!

Rachel McRae

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Herbana. I founded the Herbana Company after learning about the levels of toxicity in my every day personal care products. Since then I became obsessed with natural and clean beauty.

My vision: A welcoming online platform for people to have fun, ask questions and find information away from an underregulated beauty industry and marketing ‘greenwashing.’

The Herbana Standard

We’ve got your back. Everything we stock has been meticulously researched and vetted by our team - so instead of worrying about product safety, you can enjoy shopping with confidence from our huge clean beauty range. We want to support your wellbeing and have everything on offer for you to choose from whether that be - natural, organic, vegan, zero waste, fair trade and so much more.

  • Pure Ingredient Pure
  • Exceptional Performance Exceptional
  • Cruelty-free Formulas Cruelty-free

Our Commitment

When you shop at Herbana we give a percentage of our profits from your purchase to a cause of your choosing upon checkout.

We wanted to create a better business model, its as simple as that.

With the help of our giving partners, we give back in three areas - People, Animals and Earth.

Plastic Free Packaging

The Herbana Company strives for - Modern Living, Less Impact. We pack and ship 100% plastic free and are conscious of our product choices when purchasing product lines.

While we understand that not all products (just yet) can be plastic free for safety and hygine purposes, we want to be at the forefront of pioneering less waste and more thought in the beauty industry. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s confusing, so we just want to educate and do the best we can!